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Car Purchase



We spend more time searching for the best cars than we do selling them so we appreciate anybody calling to offer us there car.


We also know that selling your current car or collection can be a stressful experience so we want to assure you that we make it the easiest it can.


We can offer to purchase outright or offer you a commission sale service.


If you are interested in either service please send David the details to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call him to discuss your options.

Outright Purchase


We would welcome the opportunity to come and inspect your vehicle agree a price with you and then finalize the sale at any branch of the National Westminster Bank.

Commission Sale


How it works:

  • Your vehicle will be fully prepared for sale to showroom standard
  • Your vehicle will be displayed in our showroom  
  • Your vehicle will be fully insured during the period with us
  • Your vehicle will have a full Bank End MG warranty
  • Your vehicle will be subject to part exchange through us
  • Your vehicle will have access to the database of people we have looking for MG Models
  • Your vehicle will be advertised on our web site and magazine advertising
  • Your vehicle will have access to our financial products to help people purchase
  • Your vehicle will only leave the showroom for a test drive with one of our team
  • Mileage checks will be kept by both of us and a log for a test drive with one of our fully insured team
  • Terms vary from 3 to 6 month periods
  • The price we pay you will be agreed before we start marketing your car and a formal contract signed
  • A full check will be made on your car before we start marketing
  • You get peace of mind when it is gone no comebacks to you

How Does It Work In Practise


We inspect your vehicle.


When the inspection is complete and we understand the full condition of your car a price will be confirmed that you will be paid when it sells.


If you want to proceed then we will both sign a formal contract that gives bank end lotus exclusive rights to sell the car and you will not advertise or try to sell the car in any other way.


We will not do any work on the car without your approval in writing and the car will need to be left at our premises for the initial period normally 12 weeks.


The car will not be released by us unless the car has been fully paid for and the following day you will be paid the agreed figure in the form of a chaps bank transfer.


Finally you may request an e mail report of any interest we have had on your car listed by date and day complete with all details of any test drives by customer name and record of mileages" The car will be run once a week to keep all oils working properly but will not leave the bankendlotus perimeter.


You may also log onto the IP CCTV camera system to view your car anytime 24/7 anywhere in the world.


Simple and in our experience highly effective to get you the best price for your cherished MG.